Asbestos Management & Abatement Design

Site Surveys and Inspections

Allied Environmental Consultants can conduct surveys of potential asbestos containing materials in any structure.  Our asbestos surveys will identify suspected asbestos containing materials, evaluate those materials through sampling and analysis, assess the condition and potential exposure risk to the asbestos containing materials and prepare a report of the survey findings with recommendations for management of the materials.  All of our personnel involved in asbestos projects are EPA/AHERA certified.

O&M Programs and Management Plans

Allied Environmental Consultants can assist clients with the proper management and handling of asbestos by preparing Asbestos Management Plans and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Programs to enable our clients to meet the current EPA, OSHA, and State requirements for proper management and handling of asbestos containing materials.

Abatement Design, Monitoring and Inspection

Allied Environmental Consultants is experienced in the preparation of asbestos abatement design specifications.  In addition, we can prepare bid documents for abatement contractor solicitations, as well as review the submitted bids to assure that contractors meet federal, state and local requirements for asbestos abatement work.  We also can provide air sampling and oversight management during asbestos abatement activities.  Allied Environmental Consultant’s samples and data will provide reliable, accurate documentation to meet regulatory requirements.