Industrial Hygiene & Worker Safety

Certified Industrial Hygienist

Allied Environmental Consultants has the expertise and experience to identify and solved the most difficult problems resulting from indoor ambient air, worker safety situations, air emission analysis, and chemical exposure issues.  We will provide reliable and defensible analysis for all these exposure scenarios.

OSHA Required Plans, Training & Reporting

Keeping abreast of the increasing number of health and safety requirements has become exceedingly difficult.  Allied Environmental Consultants conducts sampling to assess the risks of exposure to site personnel and prepares appropriate health and safety plans.  We guide construction firms and other businesses in the preparation of Confined Space Entry Plans, Respiratory Protection Plans, Medical Monitoring Programs, and other plans required by OSHA.  Through a partnership with the IMA Training Center, Allied Environmental Consultants can provide OSHA required safety classes.

Workplace Monitoring

Allied Environmental Consultants provides Site Monitoring services to industrial and construction firms that are required to monitor worker safety and maintain defensible records.  Our personnel are experienced in air sampling techniques, general health and safety, and OSHA safety requirements and have received the health and safety training required by OSHA.  We provide air monitoring when personnel may be exposed to hazardous substance, as well as waste monitoring during demolition and other activities to help clients properly characterize, handle, and dispose of hazardous materials.

Lead-Based Paint Inspections & Management

Allied Environmental Consultants has experience in a variety of projects involving proper lead management, including personnel monitoring, lead sampling in paint and soils, and assisting clients with removal and disposal issues.  Our certified lead inspectors help clients address health and safety considerations of their personnel, as well as the constantly changing federal lead regulations.