Site Assessments & Investigations

Soil & Groundwater Investigations

Allied Environmental Consultants conducts soil and groundwater investigations to evaluate known or potential releases to the environment.  We have designed and conducted investigations under Superfund, the UST Trust Fund, and other regulatory programs.  We administer complete environmental drilling, sampling, and field analytical services.  Our staff will collect accurate, well-documented field data, which is the basis for successful solutions to any environmental problem.

Data Analysis & Modeling

The reliable interpretation of field data is the cornerstone for evaluating site conditions, as well as determining applicable remediation or control measures.  Allied Environmental Consultants has modeled geologic, hydrologic, geophysical and chemical systems for the selection and design of cost-effective remedial systems.

Monitoring Systems Design

RCRA, Superfund, Underground Storage Tank, and OSHA programs have unique requirements for monitoring system design, sampling, and analysis.  Allied Environmental Consultants understands these requirements and can implement the installation of cost-effective air, groundwater, and soil monitoring systems.  Through effective system design and sampling protocol, we reduce long-term project costs while providing defensible data for our clients.

Site Assessments for Property Transfer & Phase II Investigations

Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are used by our clients to minimize the potential environmental and financial liability associated with property transfers.  We can conduct an ESA before a property transaction to demonstrate due diligence and to identify potential environmental problems and can also can be used to establish a site’s environmental status before beginning any activity such as construction or renovation.  Our ESAs meet or exceed the standards established by nationally recognized professional groups such as ASTM.  These stringent guidelines ensure that Environmental Site Assessments conducted by Allied Environmental Consultants will be legally defensible.

Financial Liability Review

Upon completion of Environmental Site Assessments, Allied Environmental Consultant’s team of experts can help you determine the financial risks involved with completing a property transfer.  We have experience helping numerous clients by utilizing our contacts who specialize in environmental law and federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.  Through our unique approach of looking at various scenarios, and taking advantage of programs available to help property owners, we can help minimize your liability and successfully complete property transfers.