Wetlands Delineations & Determinations

AEC’s staff understands how wetlands can influence land use decisions and the need to complete fieldwork in a timely manner. Wetlands determinations allow our clients to quickly obtain preliminary information and make educated decisions. During a determination, we evaluate the presence or absence of wetlands under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and state or local agencies. After the natural resource issues are identified, we work with clients to guide them to determine what permits will be involved and what expectations should be for time and costs based on expected requirements of the agencies.


Allied Environmental conducts wetlands delineation procedures using the USACE delineation standard as a model.  Field site reviews by experienced personnel provide our clients with assurance that their property will be accurately presented in accordance with these regulatory standards.


Allied Environmental Consultants  is experienced with the wetland mitigation process.  By integrating state of the art Global Positioning Satellite technology with Computer Assisted Design (CAD) ™ software, we generate accurate mapping documents for our client’s reports.  Our professional standard of care is carried from field site verification, office report preparation, and final product peer review through the final permitting process to provide our clients the professional standard of practice that reviewing agency personnel expect.

Constructed Wetlands Engineering Design

Allied Environmental utilizes a Project team approach to perform all tasks required to plan and design an efficient and near natural constructed wetlands.  Our technical staff works with staff Scientists and respected local experts in flora, fauna, historical, and archeological standards to prepare appropriate designs, assist contractors to interpret the plans and specifications, and provide our clients the required long-term monitoring after construction.